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Created by lucy-hook over 6 years ago
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1 A Grammarian's Funeral
1.1 unattainable goal
1.1.1 rhyme scheme tries to achieve dactylic metre but fails
1.1.2 'aiming at a million,/Misses an unit'
1.2 sacrifice
1.2.1 'Learned, we found him/ Yea, but we found him bald too, eyes like lead'
1.2.2 'Calculus racked him'
1.2.3 'Dead from the waist down'
1.3 spiritual ambition
1.3.1 'actual life comes next?'
1.3.2 'patience a moment!'
1.4 mountain imagery
1.4.1 'on a tall mountain, citied to the top'
1.5 light imagery
1.5.1 'sparkle'
1.5.2 'he's for the morning'
1.6 comparative language
1.6.1 'rarer'
1.6.2 'intenser'
1.6.3 'loftier'
1.6.4 'loftiest'
2 Love in a Life/Life in a Love
2.1 unattainable goal
2.1.1 'though I do my best I shall scarce succeed'
2.1.2 cyclic form 'Escape me?/Never-/Beloved!' 'I shape me-/Ever/Removed!'
2.2 sacrifice
2.2.1 'So the chase takes up one's life/that's all'
2.2.2 'Spend my whole day in the quest,-/ who cares?'
2.3 failure to achieve romantic ambition
2.3.1 assonance 'room after room' and 'door succeeds door' emphases loneliness
2.3.2 'She goes out as I enter'
3 Porphyria's Lover
3.1 romantic ambition only achieved through death
3.1.1 'That moment she was mine,mine,'
4 My Last Duchess
4.1 materialism
4.1.1 'Notice Neptune.../Which Claus Innsbruck cast in bronze for me!'
5 Two in Campagna
5.1 romantic ambition
5.1.1 'i would that you were all to me'
5.1.2 'see with your eyes, and set my heart/ Beating by yours'
5.2 unattainable goal
5.2.1 'then the good minute goes'
5.2.2 'the pain/ Of finite hearts that yearn'
6 The Lost Leader
6.1 materialistic ambition
6.1.1 'Just for a handful of silver he left us'
6.2 ambition at all costs
6.2.1 'He alone sinks to the rear'
6.2.2 'one more insult to God!'
7 Bishop Orders His Tomb
7.1 materialstic
7.1.1 'peach-blossom marble'
7.1.2 'with those nine columns around me'
7.2 lack of sacrifice
7.2.1 'sons mine'
7.2.2 Old Gandolf envied me, so fair she was!'
7.3 lack of spiritual goals
7.3.1 sensory language 'hear/..see/..feel'
7.3.2 'then I shall lie through centuries'
7.3.3 'Vanity saith the preacher, vanity!'
8 Up at a Villa - Down in the City
8.1 desire for life
8.1.1 'a house in the city-square/Ah such a life. such a life'
8.1.2 'one's life is a perfect feast'
8.2 unattainable
8.2.1 'wine, at double the rate'
8.2.2 'Oh a day in the city-square'
9 Toccata of Galuppi
9.1 desire for life
9.1.1 'As for Venice and her people, merely born to bloom and drop'
9.2 importance of academia
9.2.1 'mathematics are your pastime; souls shall rise in their degree'
10 Pictor Ignotus
10.1 ambition for fame
10.1.1 'Nor will I say I have not dreamed.../Of going forth.../To Pope or Kaiser'
10.2 sacrifice
10.2.1 will not sacrifice his integrity for fame 'these buy and sell our pictures, take and tie/Count them for garniture' 'so die my pictures! surely, gently die!' 'O youth, men praise so, - holds their praise its worth?'
11 Apparent Failure
11.1 'No, for I'll save it!'
12 Prospice
12.1 romantic ambition achieved through death
12.1.1 'thou soul of my souL! i shall clasp thee again'

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