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Jacquie  Schaffers
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This is my web study guide for my reading class at Auburn University. I have asked three questions and included comments relating to them.

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Self Study Guide
  1. Why do children sometimes guess the word and sometimes ask for help from their teacher?
    1. Comprehension comes from moving from guessing to knowing words and how they relate.
      1. Automaticity will result from guessing and self correcting until words are known automatically.
        1. Inferring words from context
          1. Use context clues from within the sentence and story.
          2. Children guess when they decode a word that is unknown.
          3. When is it appropriate to praise students?
            1. Rereading books.
              1. Monitoring and self correcting.
                1. When you have something specific to praise about.
                  1. When students decode.
                  2. How do you correct English language learners that blend phonemes of their native language and of English?
                    1. Know the difference between base words of both languages.
                      1. Blending English phonemes to know English words.
                        1. ESL instruction helps students learn English from the basics to more specifics.
                          1. Leads to fluency.
                            1. Knowing phoneme isolation.
                              1. Phonological awareness.
                                1. Scaffolding will help students know when they are blending the wrong phonemes.
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