The Reading Process

Amia Robinson
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The Reading Process
1 What are some ways you can help children who's first language is not English learn to read in English?
1.1 Utilize books with a lot of pictures that will help the child learn to associate terms in more than one language
1.2 Start with lower reading levels to get the child used to smaller words first
1.3 Learn small phrases to connect the languages
2 What signs should we recognize to know that students are ready to progress/are progressing?
2.1 Student reads the texts quickly and/or is bored with the books within the reading level
2.2 Running records are consistently about 97%
2.3 Previous goals and objectives have been met
3 What are some initial things to look for when beginning to teach reading?
3.1 Phonological awareness
3.2 Letter/Word recognition
3.3 Decoding strategies
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