Early Modern English (1450 - 1750 AD)

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Early Modern English (1450 - 1750 AD)
  1. Key Dates, People, Events etc
    1. 1400 - 1600 Great Vowel Shift
      1. long vowel sounds less like French
      2. 1476 William Caxton sets up first British printing press
        1. uses Oxford-Cambridge-London triangle/East Midlands dialect as standard for spelling
          1. centre of learning, technology and power
            1. still had many variations
              1. prestige created
            2. 1526 William Tyndale prints translation of the Bible
              1. Bible available to more people in own tongue
                1. idioms and sayings become part of language
              2. 1534 Act of Supremacy
                1. religious power given to the throne
                2. 1611 King James translation of Bible published
                3. Lexis
                  1. 'Inkhorn' Terms
                    1. from Latin and Greek as scientific discoveries increased with need for new words to describe new concepts and ideas
                      1. some people liked, others opposed - but both sides felt strongly
                        1. Latinates
                        2. Affixation and inheritance of affixes from Latin and Greek
                          1. neologisms created
                          2. Shakespearean influence
                            1. Hyphenated compounds
                              1. Neologisms
                            2. Semantics
                              1. Archaic meanings
                              2. Grammar
                                1. Shakespearean influence
                                  1. Grammatical Conversion
                                  2. Random punctuation
                                    1. Double Negatives
                                      1. Double Comparatives
                                        1. Archaic Pronouns
                                          1. Archaic Verb Endings
                                            1. e.g. "-eth" and "-est"
                                          2. Syntax
                                            1. Long, complex sentences
                                              1. Latin influcence
                                                1. Lots of subordinate clauses
                                              2. Orthography
                                                1. Inconsistent, no standard
                                                  1. however printing had an influence
                                                    1. some attempts made
                                                      1. dependent on accent/dialect
                                                      2. Interchangeable i/y and u/v
                                                        1. Terminal 'e's
                                                          1. Letter Doubling
                                                          2. Phonology
                                                            1. Great Vowel Shift
                                                              1. may affect orthography
                                                              2. Covert Prestige
                                                              3. Graphology
                                                                1. Less decorated
                                                                  1. First printed letters looked like handwriting
                                                                    1. Familiarity
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