Crude Oil

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Crude Oil
1 mixture of different compounds
1.1 CO2 from burning fuels caused global warming
2 distillation can be used to seperate mixtures of liquids
3 Most of the compounds in crude oil are hydrocarbons
4 Crude oil is separated into fractions using fractional distillation
5 properties of each fraction depend on the size of the hydrocarbon molecules
6 fractions with lower boiling points are less viscous,more runny
6.1 burn more easily as they are flammable
6.1.1 useful fuels
7 Burning hydrocarbons in plenty of air produces CO2 and H2O
7.1 In a limited amount of air may produce carbon monoxide and solid particles
7.2 Any sulfur compounds in the fuel burn to produce sulfur dioxide
7.2.1 Oxides of nitrogen can be formed when fuels burn under extreme conditions
8 Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides cause acid rain
9 Particulates cause global dimming
10 Pollutants can be removed from waste gases after fuel is burned
11 Sulfur can be removed from fuels before they are burned so less sulfur dioxide is given off
12 Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oils
12.1 Biofuels are a renewable energy source
12.1.1 Can be used instead of fossil fuels Ethanol made from sugar is a biofuel
12.2 Carbon neutral
12.3 plants grown for biodiesel take up land
13 Hydrogen is a potential fuel for the future
13.1 Only produces water when burned
13.2 Produced from water by electrolosis- large amount of energy needed
13.3 Gas- takes up space, difficult to store in quantities
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