Consequences of Hyperinflation

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Consequences of Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

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Consequences of Hyperinflation
1 Political effects
1.1 Belief that the middle class voted for Nazis because of their economic suffering
1.2 Much of German debt was paid off with worthless money
1.3 Could not pay reparations
1.4 Trade unions couldn't negotiate wage settlement for members
1.5 Contributed to lack of faith in new Republic
1.6 Loss of old values increased tensions
1.7 Psychological damage affecting Republic
1.8 Economic policy in national interest
1.9 Need to cut back spending would have had consequences
2 Economic effects
2.1 Bank investments lost monetary value
2.2 War bonds became worthless and millions were lost
2.3 Fixed incomes became worth drastically less
2.4 Mortgages could be paid off in worthless money
2.5 Property prices remained the same
2.6 Rich business men and homeowners could buy property from financially desperate
3 Social effects
3.1 Some benefited but overall society deteriorated (German Health Minister)
3.2 Mortality rates increased from 12.6 to 13.6 per thousand in towns in 1921-22
3.3 Illnesses due to bad diet
3.3.1 Oedena from watery diet
3.3.2 Stomach disorders
3.3.3 Food poisoning
3.4 Deaths from hunger more frequent
3.5 Worsened behaviour and attitude of German population
3.6 More crime
3.7 Decline in morality
3.7.1 Prostitution
3.8 Growth in suicides
3.9 Increase in finding scapegoats
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