3.8.2 Stages of Testing (M.I.F.S.U.O)

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3.8.2 Stages of Testing (M.I.F.S.U.O)
  1. 1. Module Testing
    1. testing the individual sections of the software to make sure that each section works as intended
      1. an example of white box testing ("checks the details of the processing code and algorithms"
      2. 2. Integration Testing
        1. where the modules are combined one at a time at each integration stage and debugged
          1. Debugging: "the process of testing program code to isolate and remove errors"
          2. 3. Functional Testing
            1. testing the operation of the system and may pick up errors
              1. indicates that the solution is likely to to meet its user requirements specification
                1. an example of black box testing ("checks that a given input produces the correct output, rather than the details of the processing involved")
                2. 4. Systems Testing
                  1. it checks that all the modules operate together properly
                    1. checks that a transaction is processed correctly throughout the system from beginning to end
                    2. 5. User Testing
                      1. the users of the system will offer their comments
                        1. testing the user documentation is important
                        2. 6. Operational Testing
                          1. conducted in the actual or simulated environment
                            1. using a simulated environment gives the testers more control over the conditions the solution experiences
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