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1 Performance Enhnacing Drugs
1.1 Improve performance in sport
1.2 Anabolic Steroids
1.2.1 Increase Muscle Size
1.3 Stimulants
1.3.1 Increase heart rate
1.4 Negative Effects
1.4.1 High Blood Pressure
1.5 Banned in Sport
2 Impacts
2.1 Addiction
2.1.1 Physical withdrawal symptoms
2.2 Unfair in sport
2.3 Heart and Circulatory Problems
2.4 Harms Lungs (smoking)
2.5 Brain Damage
3 Medicinal Drugs
3.1 Medically Useful
3.2 Paracetamol
3.3 Antibiotics
4 Recreational Drugs
4.1 Used for fun
4.2 Some are illegal
4.3 Relieve Stress
4.4 e.g. Heroin, Ecstasy, alcohol, tobacco
5 Cannibis
5.1 Stepping Stone
5.2 Gateway drug
5.3 Effects
5.3.1 Paranoia
5.3.2 Hearing things
5.3.3 Harm yourself and others
5.3.4 Anxiety
5.4 Legalised?
5.4.1 For Illegal doesn't stop anyone from taking it People can be told the effects Economic benefit Stops Drug Gangs profiting Know what you are smoking
5.4.2 Against Gateway drug Addictive Mental Illness Cancer Too dangerous
6 Testing
6.1 Research
6.1.1 Medicines tested on cell & tisue culture & whole organs Tested on Animals Tested on Humans Tested on humans with relevant illness Approved for Commercial licence
6.2 Single Blind Trial
6.2.1 Volunteers know what drug it is, doctor doesn't
6.3 Double Blind Trial
6.3.1 No one knows which drug is which
6.4 Placebo
6.4.1 Drug which looks real but contains no active ingredient
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