types of Software

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application and system software mind map

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types of Software
  1. System software
    1. linkers
      1. usually part of a compiler. it takes care of the linking between the code that the programmer writes and other resources and libraries that make up the whole programs
      2. compilers
        1. changes the instructions written in programming languages into binary numbers so it takes less space
        2. utilities
          1. programs that help the user in everyday tasks: file maintainance , compressing files,installing or unistalling softwares , checking or removing viruses , formatting a disk, burning CDs
          2. operating system
            1. it is a program that controls the system resources and the processes using these resources on a computer
            2. device driver
              1. used to supply instructions to the hardware on how to operate equipments that may be connected to the computer
            3. Application software
              1. Word processing software
                1. its a software that manipulates text for storing and printing
                2. spreadsheet
                  1. it is a software that manipulate numbers and data and store them in cells : columns are numbered while rows are sorted in the alphabetical order. it uses mathematical operations to calculate values using the data in cells
                  2. Database
                    1. it provides fascilities for the organisation and management of a body of information required for a particular application
                    2. Photo-editing software
                      1. used to manipulate images : cropping, resizing,rotating..etc
                      2. video-editing software
                        1. used to manipulate videos : cut crop trim arrange
                        2. Graphics manipulation software
                          1. used to alter the appearance of images : adjusting colours, altering orientation
                          2. measuring softare
                            1. instruct sensors to take readings of physical quantities
                            2. Control software
                              1. used to instruct machines
                              2. Applets and apps
                                1. applets: very small application, especially a utility program performing one or a few simple functions.
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