particle theory

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particle theory
1 liquid
1.1 particles are loose
1.2 there are some forces of attraction between the particles
1.3 the particles are close but free to move past each other but they do stick together
1.4 particles are always moving
1.5 liquid doesn't keep a definite shape
1.6 can form puddles
1.7 they flow and fill the bottom of the container
1.8 keep the same volume
1.9 liquids won't compress easily because particles are close together
1.10 liquids are quite dense as there are quite a lot of particles in a small volume
2 gas
2.1 particles are all over the place
2.2 very weak forces of attraction between particles
2.3 particles are free to move quickly in all directions
2.4 don't keep a definite shape
2.5 will always expand to fill a container
2.6 can be compressed easily
2.7 very low densities
2.8 not very many particles in a large volume
3 solid
3.1 particles are packed tight
3.2 strong forces of attraction between particles
3.3 particles are held closely in fixed positions in a very regular arrangement
3.4 particles can vibtate
3.5 particles don't move from their positions
3.6 all solids keep a definite shape
3.7 solids cant easily be compressed due to particles all ready being close together
3.8 usually dense as there are lots of particles in a small volume
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