The Son's Veto

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Created by kitty.kat.k over 5 years ago
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The Son's Veto
1 Sophy's Demise
1.1 Hair
1.1.1 Beautiful Boredom Isolation from upper-class Objectification 'a kitten-like, ...tender creature' 'only accomplishment she could boast of'
1.2 Cheeks
1.2.1 'once apple cheeks waned to pink of the very faintest' 'apple' Full/Plump/Vitality London: lost hope/happiness trip with sam 'revived'
2 Sophy's Vulnerability
2.1 Cripple
2.1.1 Turning point
2.1.2 further isolated Randolph's contempt Childish Out of her control
2.1.3 Limited Reflects inability to be upperclass No freedom
2.1.4 'her lameness became more confimed'
3 Randolph's character
3.1 Hypocritical
3.1.1 Forbidding happiness Only thing he values
3.1.2 Scolding
3.2 Childish
3.2.1 'paroxysm' he went hastily to his room '
3.2.2 contrasts to dominating personality Model of sophistication/upper-class? 'inexorable' Role reversal
3.2.3 Self obsessed
3.3 Cruel
3.3.1 Last image 'looked black as a cloud' Ominous/Unsettling no remorse/grief Contrast 'whose eyes were wet'
4 Genre
4.1 Fairytale
4.1.1 'thus she lived on in the city'
4.1.2 Dramatic ending Unexpected damsel not rescued by Sam
5 Sophy's death
5.1 Ambiguous
5.2 'pinning her heart away'
5.2.1 Died of broken heart Education ousted his humanity Victim of her love/simpleness for him

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