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This is a mindmap about a appointment.

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  1. When a user connect to our server, we'll give to him a session key. With this session key we can save the follow details to our database and the user can have access to those from he's browser any time.
    1. Request the follow variables, given name (35 chars), middle name (35 chars), family name (35 chars), mobile number (15 digits), address line 1 (35 chars), address line 2-5 (optional | 35 chars), postcode (8 chars), email (optional | 255 chars),


      1. Check if the important variables is ok and if the regex for eveny of those variables is matching.
        1. If is not, return { status : 'unsuccessful', message: 'The parameter x doesn\'t match with the type y' }
          1. If is true, return { status: 'successful', message: 'The variables looks ok' }
            1. Gives to the browser a list of the dentist near to the house of the client.
              1. The user have to select one of those dentist and to close the appointemt. When that's happen, I'll request from the user a payment method
                1. If the payment is unsuccessful, we'll stop the progress.
                  1. If the payment is successful, we'll ask from the user if he want to set a password for he's personal details. With that option he can have access to he's details from any computer by he's mobile number/email and this password. Also we close the appointment for him.
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