Change in relationships between parents and children

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Change in relationships between parents and children
  1. Changes in family structure
    1. Family life is insecure for children due to increasing diversity of family. Increase in lone parent families which affects relationships between parents and children.
      1. HSBC (2007)
        1. Found only 1/60 couples fully share parenting before a divorce. Even after the divorce, many mothers still advise their former spouses about how to relate to their children.
    2. Paranoid parents
      1. Due to cultural changes and societal changes and changes in family diversity, there are now more concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children
        1. Furedi (2001)
          1. Argues that paranoid parenting has lead to parents not wanting to let children to go out alone and has reduced independence; this has also impacted children's fitness levels.
      2. Changes in legislation
        1. Government see children as being vulnerable and needing protection - responsibility of the state not just solely individual families.
          1. Children's Act 1989
            1. Child's welfare is of paramount importannce.
        2. Key information
          1. Palmer (2006) - “toxic childhood” due to cultural changes ‘pacifying’ children through TV, video games etc.
            1. Parents spend less time with children, so less socialisation. Rise in the child consumer.
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