Hypothermia & Heatstroke

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Created by charley_evans over 5 years ago
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Hypothermia & Heatstroke
1 What is Hypothermia?
1.1 When the core body temperature falls below 35 degrees centigrade
2 What happens?
2.1 Early Stages
2.1.1 In the early stages they shiver and become very pale as well as cold to touch
2.1.2 May also become very tired with slurred speech
2.2 Severe
2.2.1 When more severe they are unable to move and are very confused and unable to pay attention
2.2.2 When it becomes very severe they would go unconscious and barely breath
2.2.3 Can lead to death
3.1 Exposure to cold weather
3.2 Not dressing correctly
3.3 Old and young people are at greater risk
4 What is heatstroke?
4.1 when the body's temperature rises too high as a result of excessive heat exposure. The body loses its ability to cool itself and overheats.
5 What happens?
5.1 Early stages
5.1.1 In early stages sweating and the skin becomes very hot
5.1.2 Nausea, headaches and confusion can occur
5.2 Severe
5.2.1 Stop sweating and the skin goes red and puffy
5.2.2 Can go unconscious and stop breathing
5.2.3 Can lead to death
5.2.4 Blurred vision
6.1 Old and young people are more at risk
6.2 Exposure to extreme heats for long periods of time
6.3 Leaving a child or pet in a car during hot temperatures

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