NAZI GERMANY: The Rise of Hitler

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Created by nelitalautner over 5 years ago
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NAZI GERMANY: The Rise of Hitler
1 The Early Years
1.1 Hitler used to be a soldier after being rejected from top art school
1.2 Asked to be a spy for political parties
1.3 Joined DAP in 1919 - only 40 members
1.3.1 Leader: Anton Drexler Later pushed aside by Hitler
1.3.2 February 1920 - 25 Point Programme
2 Munich Putsch
2.1 Hitler's violent attempt to gain power illegally
2.2 Hitler & 300 SA disrupted meeting at local beer hall
2.3 Kahr & Lassow
2.3.1 Backed out of rebellion at last minute
2.4 SA took contol over army HQ and offices of local newspapers
2.4.1 Gain publicity locally
2.5 Kahr called army reinforcements when Hitler went to Munich
2.5.1 16 Nazis killed
2.5.2 Hitler flees but is captured 2 days later. Prison for 9months Mein Kampf Outlines his beliefs and his future ideas for a new Germany Gain support of the public by different means - not violently
3 Nazi Support
3.1 Businessmen and agricultural workers
3.1.1 Hitler wanted to control big businesses but not take them away This got businessmen to side with him rather than communsits
3.1.2 Hitler wanted to run economy so agriculture and industry would flourish A.workers would side with him over communists
3.2 Nationalists/Soldiers
3.2.1 Hitler wanted to break way from the terms of the ToV so Germany could become strong again Supportive of Hitler as he would be able to restore Germany's great name Restriction of army to 100,000 - soldiers would get their jobs back if Hitler was able to break free from this ToV policy
3.2.2 Purifying Germany - Aryan race
3.3 Religious/Old Fashioned family
3.3.1 Hitler wanted to return Christian morality and traditional roles among the men/women in the home
3.4 Hitler's wealthy ties
3.4.1 Hitler be friended Germany's most wealthiest businessman who had similar hatred for communism Able to support Nazi party's finances and fun propaganda
4 Lean years
4.1 Inflation had eased and employment had increased
4.2 Stresemann was regaining status for Germany in the world
4.3 Reputation of Hindenburg got more people to support the Weimar Repubic
4.4 Voters supported moderate parties due to the stabilization of Germany. Extreme parties like Nazis and Communists lost ground
5 Make way for the Nazis
5.1 Wall Street Crash
5.1.1 USA recall their loans leaving Germany in a depression (failure of Dawes Plan)
5.1.2 Unemployment increased and public showed unrest

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