OCR Gateway Biology B1

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OCR Gateway Biology B1
1 Fitness and health
1.1 Fit
1.1.1 Physical activity capability
1.2 Healthy
1.2.1 Free from infectious diseases
1.3 The heart
1.3.1 Pumps blood via arteries and capileries Pulse rate caused by arteries Blood pressure measured in mm/hg
1.3.2 Heartbeat Systolic heart contracts Dyastolic Heart relax
1.3.3 Probems High cholestoral can cause build up of plaque blocking conary arteries increasing risk of heart attacks Smoking, obesity, acahol High blood pressue weaken blood vessels causing them to burst low blood pressure dizziess and fainting
1.4 Foods
1.4.1 carbohydrates /fats provide energy
1.4.2 protein Growth and repair of tissues
1.4.3 Minerals Iron make heamoglobin
1.4.4 minerals
2 Staying healthy
3 The nervous System
4 Drugs and you
5 Staying in Balance
6 Variation and inheritance
7 plant growth
8 Human health and diet
8.1 carbohydrates
8.1.1 made of sugars e.g. glucose
8.1.2 stored in the liver as glycogen or converted into fats (adipose tissue)- proteins not stored
8.2 proteins
8.2.1 long chains of amino acids essential amino acids taken in by eating food Non essential amino acids made by body
8.2.2 Lack of proteins kwashikor muscles waste, protein used for energy stomach swells because of fluids
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