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Lesson Planning Format

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Lesson Plan Format
1 Phases
1.1.1 ice-breakers, asking about latest news, exploring students’ needs and likes, vocabulary games, puzzles, riddles, brainstorming on a topic, asking around, 5-minute games 5-10 minutes
1.1.2 2. ENGAGING smartboard activities, videos, illustrations, songs, asking questions, charts, reading a text, comic strips, quick class surveys, brainstorming Introduce new topic 3. EXPLORING probing questions 4. CONSTRUCTING students’ reports on the learning topic(s) 5. PRACTICING multiple choice, gap-filling, cloze, matching, open questions, error correction, dictations, ordering words/phrases, sentence construction Teacher/self/peer correction 6. EXTENDING creating presentations, role-plays, stories, essays, debating Independent tasks Real-life situations 7. WRAPPING-UP a summary of what was practiced in the lesson, a quick discussion about what students learned, open-ended questions, student evaluation of their progress, discussing students' difficulties and challenges, exit ticket task-based activities: ordering and sorting information, matching captions / texts / recorded extracts to pictures or short notes, comparing / finding similarities and differences in texts, pictures, places or events, solving problems, storytelling, discovering or finding something new teacher directly introducing, modeling and /or demonstrating a concept OR presenting a finished product as an example of an expected learning outcome Explanation
1.2 Materials and time allocation
2 Header
2.1 date, program, name of the teacher, course number, performance indicator
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