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Family Lesson

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THE FAMILY PICNICMy cuckoo clock wakes me up at 7 am in the morning. It's a Sunday and why do I need to get up so early? Ah...I remember! Today we have a family picnic.I can see my mother preparing a huge basket full of food. “There’s good bacon, ham and eggs. There’s bread and marmalade. Some mashed potatoes with peas, and fish and chips,” she says. “Yummy! Looks like a good breakfast, mum”, I say.My father is busy at the cellar getting drinks for the day. “Son, I’ve put in your favourite drink too,” he says. “Orange juice? Yes!” I say excitedly.Grandfather enters my room to tell me that we are going to the river bank to have a gorgeous day out. Grandmother is very happy as the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining bright as ever and there is a cool breeze in the trees. She calls out to my mother, "Daughter, please make sure we take the ice box along. It's going to be warm today."My baby sister is very happy too. She’s not crying at all today. She’s smiling away. My parents are quite happy about that.My aunt and uncle are also joining us today. I’m my aunt’s favourite nephew. And my uncle loves my sister more. She’s his favourite niece. I’m so happy that my cousin is coming along too. He’s elder to me but likes to play with me. How about a good game of football with him? I'm thinking already. Maybe we can team up against the big brothers - my dad and my uncle.My grandparents like my cousin too. But my grandmother says, “I love all our grandchildren just the same.” They have one granddaughter and two grandsons including me.See you at the picnic!

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Mother father son daughter brother sister parents babyGrandfather grandmother grandson granddaughter grandchildren grandparentsAunt uncle niece nephew cousin

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