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ict networks

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  1. Pats of a network
    1. Cables
      1. Connectors
        1. Network software
          1. Network interface card
          2. What is a network?
            1. A network is an interconnected collection of computers.
            2. Types of networks
              1. LAN - Local Area Network
                1. WAN - Wide Area Network
                  1. NAN - Metropolitan Area Network
                  2. What is a Typology?
                    1. The arrangement of computers in a network.
                      1. Examples
                        1. Bus
                          1. Pros : If one node fails the others aren't effected. Simple and easy to set up.
                            1. Cons : If the cable malfunctions, the networks goes down. Cables and numbers of nodes are limited.
                            2. Star
                              1. Pro : If one system beaks it doesn't effect the network.
                                1. Con : It is dependent of the central computer, and wiring is expensive.
                                2. Ring
                                  1. Pros : Easy to access/transmit data, and doesn't require a server. It works better than star.
                                    1. Cons : One malfunctioning node can stop the whole network. It is also slower than Ethernet. Moving, adding, and changing devices can be straining.
                                    2. Hierarchial
                                      1. Cons : If one node fails, the others all fail as well.
                                        1. Pros : Data can easily be shared as all nodes are interconnected to one another.
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