Time & Task Management

Paige Piper
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Paige Piper
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Higher Administration (Time & Task Management) Mind Map on Time & Task Management, created by Paige Piper on 12/14/2016.

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Time & Task Management
  1. Techniques
    1. Action Plan
      1. Prepared when a longer term project needs to be planned
        1. List tasks in order of due date
          1. Gives an estimate of how long tasks take to complete
            1. States who is to complete task
              1. Contains extra notes on tasks
              2. Priority Lists
                1. Sets task in order of priorites to be completed
                  1. High - urgent
                    1. Medium - should be done
                      1. Low - Could be done
                      2. Gannt Charts
                        1. Gannt Charts compare work planned against a completed work timeline
                          1. Key events are called milestones
                          2. Electronic Diaries
                            1. can access others diaries to check appointments
                              1. Regular appointments can be scheduled for automatic reminders
                                1. can setup an address book
                                  1. can setup a to do list
                                    1. using search tools is quicker than skimming through pages
                                      1. can set reoccurring meetings/events
                                      2. Electronic Diaries
                                        1. Advantages
                                          1. Can access others diaries to check appointments
                                            1. Regular apponiments can be scheduled for automatic reminders
                                              1. Can setup an address book or a priorities (to do) list
                                                1. Using search tool is quicker than manually skimming through pages
                                                  1. Can set reoccuring meetings/events
                                                2. Perosnal DE
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