Primary Sector in South Africa

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Primary Sector in South Africa
1 Forestry
1.1 The forest sector employs around 165 900 workers.
1.1.1 And is one of the most important productions of South Africa
2 Agriculture
2.1 Agriculture in South Africa has changed radically in recent years.
2.2 But farming has been deregulated since the 80s
2.3 Things cultivated:
2.3.1 grapes, sugar, apples, pears and quinces.
3 Livestock Farming
3.1 African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (AFASA)
3.2 South Africa’s land surface (69%) is suitable for grazing, and livestock farming
3.3 Largest agricultural sector in the country.
4 Fishing
4.1 Deep sea fishing
4.1.1 Deep sea charters are available from ports along the coastline
4.2 Fresh Water Fishing
4.2.1 Freshwater fishing in South Africa is very diverse.
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