unit 3 vocab

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unit 3 vocab for 6th grade english ext. core

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unit 3 vocab
  1. try to guess the definitions of the words
    1. coherent
      1. sticking together, having all parts connected, clear
      2. scavenge
        1. to go through trash
        2. novelity
          1. newness, souvineer
          2. eject
            1. to force out, expel
            2. tangible
              1. something that can be touched
              2. gait
                1. a way of walking or running
                2. succumb
                  1. to give in, to die
                  2. offal
                    1. waste parts of an animal
                    2. affliction
                      1. pain, trouble, suffering
                      2. pauper
                        1. very poor person
                        2. fortnight
                          1. 2 weeks
                          2. atrophy
                            1. failing to grow
                            2. truce
                              1. forgiving someone
                              2. inherent
                                1. exsisting as an essential part of something
                                2. implicit
                                  1. implied rather than stating
                                  2. adhere
                                      1. to hold closely, stay attached
                                      2. synthesis
                                        1. form by combining parts
                                        2. sucsessor
                                          1. a person that follows another
                                          2. misadventure
                                            1. mishap
                                            2. bedlam
                                              1. loud, confusion
                                              2. imminent
                                                1. liley to occur at any moment
                                                2. diffedent
                                                  1. lacking confidence
                                                  2. enervate
                                                    1. to deprive of force, weaken
                                                    2. visage
                                                      1. facial appearence
                                                      2. redolent
                                                        1. smelly, fragrant
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