Supplementary vote

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A Levels AS Level (Politics) Mind Map on Supplementary vote, created by Abbie Fisher on 04/07/2014.

Abbie Fisher
Created by Abbie Fisher over 5 years ago
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Supplementary vote
1 Majoritarian
2 How does it work?
2.1 Voters have two votes, a first and a second (supplementary vote)
2.1.1 First choice votes counted If a candidate wins 50% of the vote, they are elected If no candidate reaches 50%, the supplementary votes are added to the top two candidates totals The other candidates are eliminated and any supplementary votes for the remaining two are added to their totals. The candidate with the most votes altogether wins
3 Single member constituency
4 Advantages
4.1 Ensures fewer voes are wasted than with FPTP
4.2 As winning candidates must gain 50% support, a broader range of views and opinions influence outcome
5 Disadvantages
5.1 The outcome of the election may be determined by the preferences of those who with their first choices support small, possibly extremist parties
5.2 Winning candidates could enjoy little first preference support and only succeed with the help of redistributed votes, making them only the least popular of the final two candidates
6 Where is it used?
6.1 London Mayor elections

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