Plant Organelles

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A level Biology (Module 2) Mind Map on Plant Organelles, created by Emma Lloyd on 12/29/2016.

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Plant Organelles
1 Cellulose Cell Wall
1.1 Made of Cellulose
1.2 Freely permeable to substances
1.3 Give plant cells their shape as they keep it rigid
1.4 Play a role in plant cell defence as they can detect pathogens and defend against them
2 Vacuoles
2.1 Membrane lined sacs in the cytoplasm containing cell sap
2.2 Play an important role in keeping the cell turgid as, when they're full of cell sap, they push against the cell walls
2.3 Has a membrane known as the tonoplast
2.3.1 The tonoplast is selectively permeable so some small molecules can pass through
3 Chloroplasts
3.1 Organelle responsible for photosynthesis
3.2 Found in the green parts of plants such as stems and leafs
3.3 Have a double membrane similar to mitochondria
3.3.1 The fluid inside the chloroplast is the stroma
3.3.2 Internal membranes form flattened sacs known as thylakoids Stack together to form Grana Grana contains light-sensitive pigments called chlorophyll pigments
3.4 Contain DNA and and ribosomes so can create their own proteins
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