Verbo To Be


El uso del Verbo To Be incluida su forma contraida, positiva y negativa.
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Verbo To Be
  1. Is
    1. It
      1. It is
        1. It is not
        2. It's
          1. It isn't
        3. He
          1. He is
            1. He is not
            2. He's
              1. He isn't
            3. She
              1. She is
                1. She is not
                2. She's
                  1. She isn't
              2. Am
                1. I
                  1. I am
                    1. I am not
                    2. I'm
                      1. I'm not
                  2. Are
                    1. They
                      1. They are
                        1. They are not
                        2. They're
                          1. They aren't
                        3. We
                          1. We are
                            1. We are not
                            2. We're
                              1. We aren't
                            3. You
                              1. You are
                                1. You are not
                                2. You're
                                  1. You aren't
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