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3.....Third out of eight posters due for Mr Vic

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  1. Types of Practice
    1. To do with Time, has lots of T's
      1. Massed Practice
        1. No rest intervals
          1. Adv: Promotes fitness, Fixed responses are habitual and fast
            1. Disadv: Fatigue, negative transfer can occur and very demanding
            2. Distributed Practice
              1. Has rest intervals
                1. Adv: allows recuperation, good for beginners, safer (clear instructions), increase motivation
                  1. Disadv: time consuming, danger of negative transfer
                  2. Varied Practice
                    1. Teaches players to adapt
                      1. Adv: decreases tedium, allows players to adapt
                        1. Disadv: time consuming, danger of fatigue
                        2. Mental Practice
                          1. Going over the skill in your mind
                            1. Adv: can be done when the player is injured, confidence increased, anxiety decreased
                          2. Presentation of Practice
                            1. lots of P's
                              1. Whole
                                1. The skill is taught in whole
                                  1. Not broken down into sub-routines
                                    1. Adv: makes a specific image, more realistic, make the skill consistent
                                      1. Disadv: unnecessary demands placed on the performer
                                      2. Whole-Part-Whole
                                        1. the performer tries the whole skill, then part of the skill, then the whole skill again
                                          1. used for a beginner trying a difficult skill
                                            1. Adv: provides motivation and immediate feedback
                                              1. Disadv: negative transfer may occur
                                              2. Progressive Part
                                                1. First part of the skill is taught, then the second, then they are linked and so on
                                                  1. Adv: The learner can focus on one aspect, the learner can rest so fatigue is reduced
                                                    1. Disadv: time-consuming, danger of negative transfer
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