Ethical Theories

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Ethical Theories
1 Utilitarianism
1.1 An action is right if it maximises the overall happiness of all people
2 Kantian Ethics
2.1 Treat everyone how you wish them to treat you, never treat people as if they were merely objects
3 Cultural Relativism
3.1 What is right and wrong varies according to the beliefs of each culture
4 Natural Law
4.1 Everything is created for a purpose, and when this is examined by human reason a person should be able to judge how to react to an act in order to find ultimate happiness
5 Situation ethics
5.1 Based on Agape which wills the good of others
5.2 Virtue ethics
5.2.1 Agent-centred not act-centred. Practising virtuous behaviour will lead to becoming a virtuous person and contribute to virtuous society

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