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5.....Five out of the eight posters due for Mr Vic

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  1. Positive Feedback
    1. Entails information about what is good
      1. Encouragement
        1. Motivation
          1. Most effective for begginers
          2. Negative Feedback
            1. Give the performer info on what is going wrong
              1. Errors corrected and bad habits eliminated
                1. Better for experts
                  1. Performers in the autonomous stage
                  2. Extrinsic Feedback
                    1. Derived from an outside source
                      1. Performer gains views on what they need to improve
                        1. More for beginners
                        2. Intrinsic Feedback
                          1. Internal feel to know when they made a mistake
                            1. More experience, means intrinsic used more often
                              1. Inside source
                              2. Knowledge of Results
                                1. Indication of whether or not the skill was successful
                                  1. Early basis for improvement
                                    1. Things that can be measured
                                    2. Knowledge of Performance
                                      1. More detailed analysis of knowledge of results
                                        1. Gives reasons as to why something is unsuccessful
                                          1. Therefore allows the technique to be improved
                                        2. Feedback should be effective by being understandable and relevant
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