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6..... Six out of the eight posters due for Mr Vic

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1 Visual
1.1 Demonstration, photograph, video etc
1.2 Enables the performer to create a mental image
1.3 Particularly valuable for cognitive learners
1.4 Has to be within the learners capabilities
1.5 should be accurate and clear
1.6 Highlight important cues
1.7 Adv: target weaknesses, create the perfect mental image, lead to increase in motivation
1.8 Disadv: model isn't perfect the wrong mental image will be created, too difficult, lead to information overload
2 Verbal
2.1 Talking, explaining
2.1.1 Often works alongside visual
2.2 helpful in autonomous stage
2.3 has to be clear, accurate
2.4 Has to be brief and meaningful
2.4.1 Otherwise player will lose motivation
2.5 Adv: supports visual, if positive can increase confidence and motivation, can be specific to you
2.6 Disadv: may be too technical, performers may lose concentration, negative rather than positive
3 Manual
3.1 Allows you to gain kinesthesis
3.2 Involves physical support
3.2.1 Creates a forced response
3.4 Adv: helps eliminate danger, builds confidence, fear of a skill reduced, gives a feel for the skill
3.5 Disadv: if overused can have detrimental effect, after initial feel bad habits could occur, lose confidence rather than gain, being so close with students can be off putting
4 Mechanical
4.2 Device used E.G armbands in swimming
4.3 Incorporates a form of physical support
4.4 Adv: builds confidence, eliminates danger, gives a feel for the skill, can be used with disabled/recovering athletes
4.5 Disadv: over usage could interfere, performers become dependant, motivation lost, incorrect intrinsic feedback
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