Goal Setting

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Goal Setting
  1. Benefits performers
    1. Increases motivation
      1. Increases persistance
        1. Enables you to be organised and prepared
          1. Success in goals gives you a sense of self-satisfaction
            1. Goal setting regulates effort
              1. Decreases social loafing
              2. Social Loafing
                1. Occurs when a player feels they're not being valued
                  1. Causations
                    1. Lack of self confidence
                      1. Belief the opposite team's too good
                        1. Put in the wrong position
                          1. Poor leadership from captain or coach
                            1. Goals are too general or non specific
                              1. Cliques within teams
                              2. Ringelmann Effect
                                1. The more people there are the less effort you put in
                              3. 1: Outcome/Product Goals
                                1. Result based
                                  1. Product of the performance
                                    1. Winning the game is an outcome goal
                                      1. If not achieved, it's a big thing
                                    2. 2: Task Goals
                                      1. A goal that is more specific
                                        1. To do with your actual performance
                                          1. Improving your performance
                                        2. Performance Goals
                                          1. When the athlete sets a goal to better their own performance rather than comparing to others
                                          2. Process Goals
                                            1. Based on improving your own technique
                                            2. The SMARTER Principle
                                              1. 1. Specific
                                                1. What goals should be
                                                  1. 2. Measured
                                                    1. 3. Achievable
                                                      1. 4. Realistic
                                                        1. 5. Time-Bound
                                                          1. 6. Evaluate
                                                            1. 7. Re-Do
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