Rise of the Nazis

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Couple of facts about wall street crash, Hitler becoming chancellor, the reichstag fire, night of the long knives and Hindenburg.Comment below If this helps you :)

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Rise of the Nazis
1 Wall Street crashed
1.1 People are desperate
1.1.1 Depression
1.2 Nazis promise the nation work and bread
1.3 October 1929
2 Hitler was made Chancellor
2.1 30th January 1933
2.2 Von Papen persuades Hidenburg to made Hitler Chancellor
2.3 1928 - 12 seats 1933 - 288 seats
3 The Reichstag Fire
3.1 28th February 1933
3.2 Commuist were blamed for the fire
3.3 Article 48
3.3.1 Means any law can be pass
4 The Enabling Act
4.1 Pass law without Reichstag
5 Night Of The Long Knives
5.1 To win support of army
5.2 Killed the SA
5.3 30th June 1934
6 Hindenburg Dies
6.1 August 1934
6.2 Hitler is now made President and also Chancellor
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