From Empire to Commonwealth

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From Empire to Commonwealth
1 the British Empire
1.1 the largest empire in historx
1.2 dominions, colonies, dependencies, trust territorities and protectorates under British control
1.2.1 1/4 of world's land area
1.2.2 territories on every continent
1.3 height of power: late 19th century/ early 20th century
2 Commonwealth
2.1 an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom & several former British colonies (that are now sovereign)
2.1.1 they still pay allegiance to the British Crown
2.1.2 an international organizatio through which countries with diverse social, political & economic backgrounds cooperate with common values promoting democracy universal access to education free trade permanent economic and social development world peace good governance preserving human rights equality of women
2.2 Queen = Head
3 Commonwealth in the 21th century
3.1 it represents no more every region of the world
3.1.1 it is dominated by the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
3.2 no Security Council
3.3 no Imperial Organisation
3.4 no one is excluded, no one is pressured
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