Kantian Ethics

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Kantian Ethics
  1. good will and duty
    1. he used the term good to describe the ‘good will’, by which he meant the resolve to act purely in accordance with one’s duty.
      1. He believed that, using reason, an individual could work out what one’s duty was.
      2. free will,God and immortality
        1. he presumed that we could act morally, and for this to be the case we must be free(we are not)
          1. must be a God and life after death, otherwise morality would make no sense.
          2. synthetic / A priori
            1. These laws are determined through experience (a posteriori)
              1. The rational being has to determine the synthetic a priori – the substantive rules that can be applied prior to experience.
              2. categorical imperative
                1. universability
                  1. A rule that will always consistant no matter the situation
                  2. Ends in themselves
                    1. So act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of any other, in every case as an end in itself, never as means only.
                    2. kingdom of ends; Love your neighbour as yourself
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