2. Influences PE GCSE EdExcel

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PE GCSE EdExcel - Influences

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2. Influences PE GCSE EdExcel
1.1 cultural
1.1.1 DRAG disabilitty race age gender 'male only' rugby women not allowed to compete with men womens sporting events have less coverage
1.2 health and wellbeing
1.2.1 illness
1.2.2 health problems
1.3 image
1.3.1 fashionable go in and out of fashion e.g. gum is popilar clothing
1.3.2 media coverage sponsorship role models
1.4 people
1.4.1 family support parents fork out cash
1.4.2 peers attitudes of friends
1.4.3 role models inspire
1.5 socio-economic
1.5.1 can you afford it?
1.5.2 social status
1.6 resources
1.6.1 time
1.6.2 access to facilities
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