How important is the Cabinet? (25 marks)

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Created by luminouscheese over 6 years ago
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How important is the Cabinet? (25 marks)
1 it grants official authority to government policy. Without the Cabinet policy wouldn't have authority and wouldn't be used anywhere
2 under a coalition government it works with the differences between coalition partners and may establish appropriate ‘agreements to differ’
3 it has the potential power to overrule the prime minister or even remove them, if they are not doing their job properly etc
4 cabinet meets for less time than in the past, meetings can be as little as 30 mins. This means they do not discuss policies and problems long enough for the Cabinet to be important
5 the prime minister is dominating the government, especially under the coalition, eg. forced tuition fees to increase
6 policies are increasingly being made elsewhere, reducing the importance of cabinet

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