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Digital devices
1 Use of digital devices
1.1 digital divices area used for many different reasons such as instant messaging text messaging, video calls, voice calls etc..
1.1.1 Leisures Cameras can be used to take pictures with digital camera, phone cameras it can also be used to record videos Tv can be used as a source of home entertainment, watching more channels on a digital Tv Listening to music and playing videos as a source of entertainment Keeping in touch with social networks, such as facebook playing video games on consoles such as PSP, PS3, XBOX etc..
1.1.2 Questions you may be asked in exams. Explain the impact of internet access on a daily basis. 1) They can work at home, does not have to travel to places, which is good for the environment 2) People will be able to do video calls which allows them to see the other person with out travelling
1.1.3 People who travel who travel use GPS so they don't get lost. They are also able to track cars and vans. Have access to geotag Images
1.2 Factors to consider.
1.2.1 The size of the digital device.
1.2.2 The connectivity
1.2.3 Storage and capacity
1.2.4 Cost
1.2.5 User Interface
1.2.6 Battery life
1.2.7 Internet speed and processor
1.2.8 Purpose of the device, is it for Music? Videos? Games?
2 Connectivity
2.1 Home entertainment system
2.1.1 Digital television More channels than analogue tv Higher quality pictures and sound. The electronic programme guide (EPG) display program information on the screen More access such as Subtitles and audio and Sign language description Internet Smart Tvs and games consoles allow users to stream channels or films directly form the internet. Apple TV also allow users to access the audio and video media stored in their icloud ICLOUD, works using the internet... allowing data to be saved on an icloud using an email address which can then be access anywhere in the world on any digital device by simply just logging in. Question you may be asked List TWO ways in which digital television signal can be delivered to the home 1) By cable 2) By satellite
2.1.2 Enhancements Digital projectors project HD images from a computer, set top box, personal media player or DVD/Blyeray player on to a screen or wall. Home cinema and theatre system include DVD/Blu-ray player, amplifier and six speakers to provide high-fidelity surround sound. Personal video recorders (PVR) or digital video recorders (DVR) contain a hard dish drive allowing you to record Tv programmes
2.1.3 Digital living network Alliance (DLNA) - if two devices are DLBA certified, then they are compatible straight out of the box. so you can access content from your PC, camera or smartphone on your TV, or play music from your personal media player through your hi-fi without plugging anything in or transferring files between devices
2.2 Technology in education.
2.2.1 Laptops, computers, netbooks and smartphones allow internet access for research.
2.2.2 Internet allow better online researches
2.2.3 Online registration for student s to save work online and access files and datas
2.2.4 Interactive white boards, digital cameras and devices with GPS enhances the learning expierence
2.2.5 Apps for smartphones and tables make learning more enjoyable, encouraging learning.
2.2.6 Softwares can be used to create presenations

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