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1 Crust
1.1 Oceanic
1.1.1 Newer
1.1.2 More dense Sinks
1.2 Continental
1.2.1 Thicker
1.2.2 Less dense Floats
1.2.3 Older
2 Destuctive
2.1 Continental +Oceanic
2.1.1 Oceanic melted Excess magma Volcano
2.2 Japan
2.2.1 East Coast
2.3 Ocean trenches
3 Constructive
3.1 Mid-Atlantic ridge
4 Conservative
4.1 USA
4.1.1 West Coast
4.2 No volcano
5 Fold mountains
5.1 Destructive mountains
5.1.1 Sedimentary rocks fold And are forced up
5.1.2 South America Andes
5.2 Continental
5.2.1 Asia Himalayas
5.3 Characteristics
5.3.1 Tall
5.3.2 Snow & glaciers
5.3.3 Lakes in valleys
6 Types
6.1 Composite
6.1.1 Japan Mt. Fuji
6.1.2 Layers of ash and lava Thick lava
6.2 Shield
6.2.1 Hawaiian islands Mauna Loa
6.2.2 Runny lava
6.3 Supervolcanoes
6.3.1 Formation Magma basin forms below surface Causes bulge on surface Several km wide Cracks & lava vents form Lava errupts Earthquakes Plumes of ash and rock Bulge collapses
6.3.2 Effects Thousands of km^3 of rock, ash & lava Thick ash cloud = tens of miles destroyed Ash will block out light over continents Mini iceages Ash settle over 100's km^2 Bury fields Collapse roofs
6.3.3 Characteristics Flat Large area Caldera
7 Predicting volcanoes
7.1 Tiltmeters
7.1.1 Measure bulges
7.2 Seismic activity
7.3 Volcano history
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