Dorian Gray settings

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Dorian Gray settings
1 East End
1.1 Vane home
1.1.1 "shrill intrusive light" - sense of home - light is sibyl - she has a chance of escaping poverty
1.1.2 "dingy sitting-room" - poor and old - contrasts upper class
1.2 Opium dens
1.2.1 "shabby ulster"
1.2.2 "blurred street lamps looked ghastly" - emotive - conveys a negative image of disgust
1.2.3 "grotesque things" - foul word - sums up the opium dens
1.2.4 Remote derelict section - sordid state of DG's mind - he flees to them after crucial moments - killing Basil - an escape - drug induced state - he leaves his safe house to travel to the dark dens - reflects the degradation of his soul
1.3 Riverside
1.4 Theatre
1.4.1 "heat was terribly oppressive" - over crowded - symbolise poor peopl ebeing opressed - hyperbole
1.4.2 shabby
1.4.3 Where DG first sets his eyes on Sibyl
1.5 "The dim roar of London was like the bourdon note of a distant organ"
1.5.1 Figurative lang - classes are kept distant
2 West End
2.1 Dorian's house
2.1.1 Living room - the public place - for show
2.1.2 School room - keeps his deep dark secrets - sins - has a past there - painting is hidden
2.2 Basil's studio
2.2.1 "rich odour of roses" - connotes beauty, elegance and wealth
2.2.2 "Persian saddle-bags" - expensive - rich in culture
2.2.3 "tussore-silk curtains" - luxurious
2.2.4 Typical wealthy person - lives in luxury unaware of the wider world
2.3 Lord Henry's house
2.3.1 "luxurious arm chair" - privelleged place to be
2.3.2 "Mayfair" - high end
2.3.3 "carpet strewn with silk" - expensive
3 Travels
3.1 Goes to Paris
3.2 18 years of sin and corruption
3.3 Goes on the pursuit of Hedonism - experience new pleasures and sensations
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