Othello - Othello Acts 3 & 4

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Highers/Int2 ENGLISH Mind Map on Othello - Othello Acts 3 & 4, created by erinm1601 on 04/10/2014.

Created by erinm1601 over 5 years ago
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Othello - Othello Acts 3 & 4
1 Act 3 & 4
1.1 Jealous; Suspicious... Starting to loose good qualities such as his love for D, soldierly qualities & courage.
2 Act 3
2.1 Scene 3
2.1.1 Turning Point
2.2 Scene 1
2.2.1 Iago plants seed, sowing doubt leads Othello to hesitation when Cassio leaves quickly; not outright accusing C & D causes O imagination cause him more curiosity & uneasiness. I warns O against jealousy, thus putting the idea of jealousy in his mind, O finds reasins himself about D & C.

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