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What I know about eTwinning and my project

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1 It is a European community for schools
1.1 It is a platform for teachers and school staff
1.1.1 It promotes communication collaboration teamwork interaction projects find a partner share an idea, a topic build up a project in a team engage students engage colleagues choose a title focus on objectives choose a logo think of activities suggest web tools register it and wait for approval Our project is Support Our Sustainability Mercedes Saludes Elisabetta Siboni Olga Rodrigo Nicola Merloni Gianni Caniato Laurena Petrizzi INS Font del Ferro Palafolls Spain Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani Ravenna Italy professional development use of ICT sharing Project Based Learning students' motivation learning to learn
1.2 It contributes to innovation in teaching and learning
1.3 It favours the development of key competences
1.4 It is integrated in Erasmus+
1.5 It engages teachers and students in cooperative learning
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