Dorian Gray

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Dorian Gray
1 Painting
1.1 "there was a touch of cruelty in the mouth...seemed to linger" - forever scarred his soul - painting taking on his sins
1.2 "misshapen shadow that had to bear the burden" - distorted reality - personifies painting - always on his conscience
1.3 "Blood crept from its face" - murder - crime - "it" - unnatural - detaches one self
1.4 "curved wrinkle of a hypocrite" - cruelty and emotion always emphasised in the lips - tries to repent but is hopeless
1.5 "Eyes of a devil" - pure evil - huge contrast from simple nature
2 Innocent, youthful, naive
2.1 "Young Adonis"
2.2 "Brainless beautiful creature" - not human - Godly - beauty over intelligence
2.3 "He has a simple and beautiful nature" - innocence - feminine description
2.4 "curved scarlet eyes...crisp gold hair" - feminine description - colour imagery - red (lust)
2.5 "Prince charming"
3 Dorian is exceptionally vain and becomes convinced, in the course of a brief conversation with Lord Henry, that his most salient characteristics—his youth and physical attractiveness—are ever waning.
3.1 "His own beauty cam on him like a revelation" - object of love becomes himself
3.2 "I would give my soul for that" - foreshadows road to self-destruction - turning point
4 At first LH is intrigued by Dorian - role reversal - DG becomes infatuated by LH.
4.1 "Yes I feel I must come" - imperative - obligation - asserting control
4.2 "Wonder growing grave in his darkening eyes" - sin - corrupt - attracted by wit - indulgence - temptation
5 Throughout the novel he experiences new things and become more corrupt and commits more bad deeds due to Henry's influence and the yellow book
5.1 "Dorian Gray had been poisoned by a book" - connotes dark, evil - dangerous
5.2 "More interested in the corruption of his own soul" - sinister - curious as to what will keep happening - beauty in the changing painting
5.3 "Fascination of sin" - dark - oxymoron - wrong to find sin pleasurable
5.4 "Friendship so fatal" - become the corrupter - leads to death
5.5 "You corrupt everyone with whom you become intimate with"
6 Dorian falls in love with Sibyl vane - many feel that he fell in love with her acting ability and the characters she played - soon as she cannot act he loses interest in her and acts horrifically towards her
6.1 "his chiselled lips curled in exquisite disdain" - harsh features - anger - hyperbolic
6.2 "You have killed my love" - bitter harsh words
6.3 "Without your art, you are nothing" - importance of art to DG - only in love because of her art
6.4 "She had no right to kill herself. It was selfish of her" - Ironic - cannot take responsibility for his actions

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