The Munich Putsch 11/1923

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The Munich Putsch 11/1923
1 Why did it happen?
1.1 1. Invasion of the Ruhr
1.2 2. General workers' strike
1.3 3. No money was being made
1.4 4. This led to economic difficulties
1.5 5. To get out of the troubles, the government printed more money
1.6 6. This led to hyperinflation
1.7 7.To get the economy working again, the general strike was called off
1.8 8. Many Nazis and nationalists were angry as they thought it showed Germany as weak and giving into France and Belguim
2 What happened?
2.1 1. 08/11/1923- A meeting of Bavarian government was held
2.2 2. 600 S.A soldiers and Hitler marched into the hall
2.3 3. Hitler held the local government at gunpoint until they agreed to support the Nazis
2.4 4. Hitler left the leaders, and straight away they rang the national government to warn them
2.5 5. The next day, Hitler was unwilling to march- but did anyway
2.6 6. As they marched, shots were fired. Hitler fled but Ludendorff was arrested
2.7 7. Two days later- Hitler was arrested
2.8 8. He used the trial as free publicity, he said he didn't flee, but helped to save a man's life
3 Successes of the Munich Putsch for the Nazis
3.1 Made an impact- trial showcased Hitler's ideology
3.2 No punishment for many of the Nazis
3.2.1 Showed that many in power (e.g Judges) were in favour of the Nazis
3.3 Scared the government
3.3.1 Opposition from both sides (Socialist and far right) now seen
3.4 Hitler wrote Mein Kampf whilst in prison- becomes a best seller
3.5 Generated awareness of the Nazis at a national level
3.6 Showed that the government was weak without the army
4 Failures of the Munich Putsch for the Nazis
4.1 Death & violence put some people off the Nazis
4.2 The main aim- to overthrow the government- was not acheived
4.3 The party suffered without Hitler to keep order whilst he was in jail
4.3.1 Showed the disorganisation of the Nazi party
4.4 Many members were arrested

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