Dorian Gray characters

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Dorian Gray characters
1 Sibyl Vane
1.1 A poor, beautiful, talented actress - Dorian falls in love. Sibyl’s love for Dorian compromises her ability to act, as her experience of true love in life makes her realize the falseness of affecting emotions onstage.
1.2 "Love is more than money" - doesn't care about possessions - good morals
1.3 "shy and so gentle" - fragile like a flower - similar to Dorian in the beginning
1.4 "flowerlike face" - pure and innocent
1.5 "a pretty face"
2 James Vane
2.1 A sailor - dislikes the fact that his mum is trying to marry Sibyl to DG - doesn't want Sibyl to act
2.2 Always seeking for the truth about his father
2.3 Instinctive loathing for Dorian
2.4 He has strong morals and feels he has to wrong to the person that has wronged him
3 Mrs Vane
3.1 She encourages the marriage of DG and sibyl because of his wealth - this clouds her judgement - leaves Sibyl vulnerable
3.2 Faded actress
3.3 "a faded, tired-looking woman"
3.4 melodramatic - inability to shed the theatrics
4 Victoria Wotton
4.1 LH's wife - marriage is a process of continual deception
4.2 LH neglects her however she understands him better than he thinks
4.3 she finds interests in other men
5 Lady Narborough
5.1 Not beautiful - life is spent making the best of a dull marriage
5.2 faithful
5.3 highly educated and her intelligence allows her to play her sociall role well
5.4 Flirts elegantly - only a game
6 The Duchess of Monmouth
6.1 enthralled by DG and profoundly bored by her husband
6.2 "very clever" - politically aware
6.3 she pursues Dorian - too predatory for her own good
7 Alan Campbell
7.1 Male equivalent of Sibyl vane - talented - destroyed in the end
7.2 Musical interests - homosexual relationship?
7.3 DG uses him - science knowledge - blackmails him to clear up Basil's body
7.4 "Campbell felt dominated by him" - strong feeling - same effect on everyone
8 Adrian Singleton
8.1 Represents a whole group of young men who are disgraced when they fall under DG's influence.
8.2 Opium becomes a substitute for the world he has lost
8.3 This is the person DG would have been if his youth and beauty had not been protected
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