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  1. nature and structure of personality
    1. psyche
      1. representative of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, wishes and so forth
        1. psychic energy
          1. libido
            1. appetite that refers to sexuality and to other hungers as well
        2. ego
          1. our conscious mind, part of the psyche that selects perceptions, thoughts feelings and memory
        3. the personal unconscious and its complexes
          1. perception, thoughts, feelings and memories that have been put aside and can be retrieved. an individuals life history that has been repressed or forgotten
            1. a complex
              1. organized group of thought feelings and memories about a particular concept
                1. constellating power
                  1. complex has the ability to draw new ideas into itself and interpret them
                    1. the more constellating power the more powerful the complex
                2. the collective unconscious
                  1. transpersonal; extended across persons, emotions such as grief, joy or anger
                  2. archetypes
                    1. universal thought for or predisposition to respond to the world in certain ways, they represent different potential ways in which we may express our humanness
                      1. can never be known because they never fully enter consciousness, myths, dreams, arts, ritual and symptoms (how they appear if they penetrate into consciousness)
                        1. persona
                          1. social role or mask
                          2. shadow
                            1. devil within
                            2. anima
                              1. feminine side to the male
                              2. animus
                                1. masculine side to the female
                                2. self
                                  1. unity of the personality
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