Cells Organisation

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Facts about Cells Organisation: Large Multicellular Organism, Similar Cells are organised into Tissues, Tissues are organised into Organ and Organs are organised into Organs Systems. Comment below If this helps you :)

Evangeline Taylor
Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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Cells Organisation
1 Large Multicelluar Organism
1.1 Large Multicelluar Organism are made up of Organ Systems
1.2 The process that cell become specialised for a particular job is called 'Differentiation function'
1.2.1 Differentiation occurs during the development of a multicelluar organism
1.3 Specialised Cells form tissue
1.3.1 Then form organs And then form organ system
1.4 Large multicelluar organism have differnt systems inside them for exchanging and transporting material
2 Diagram of Cell Organisation
3 Similar Cells are organised into Tissues
3.1 A Tissues is a group of similar cells working together carrying out a particular function. It can include more than one types of cells
3.1.1 In Mammals, Example of tissues are: 1. Muscular Tissue Which Contracts (shorten) to move what it's attached to 2. Glandular Tissue Which makes and secretes chemicals like enzymes and hormones 3. Epithelial Tissue Which covers some part of the body E.g The inside of the gut
4 Tissues are organised into organs
4.1 An organ is a group of different tissues that work together to perform a certain function.
4.1.1 For Example, the stomach is a organ that made up of these tissues: 2. Glandular Tissue which makes digestive juices to digest food 3. Epithelial Tissue which cover the inside and outside of the stomach 1. Muscular Tissue which move the stomach wall to chum up the food
5 Organ are organised into organ systems
5.1 A organ sytem is a group of organs working together to perform a particular function.
5.1.1 For Example, the digestive system breaks down food and is made up of these organs 1. Glands Produces digestive juices 2. The Stomach Digest food 3. The Liver produces bile 4. Small intestine Digest food Absorbs soluble food molecules 5. Large intestine Absorbs water from undigested food