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1 Actus Reus
1.1 Appropriation
1.1.1 Assuming the rights of the owner
1.1.2 Property does not have to be taken
1.1.3 R v Morris Not all of the rights
1.1.4 R v Gomez Can occur with owners consent
1.2 Property
1.2.1 Money and all other property, real and personal, ncluding things in action and all other intangible property.
1.2.2 R v Welsh Blood and Urine Samples
1.2.3 R v Marshall Reselling train tickets
1.2.4 R v Kelly Body Parts
1.2.5 Oxford v Moss Copy of examination paper
1.3 Belonging to Another
1.3.1 S 5 (1) Possessional Control R v Turner
1.3.2 S 5 (2) Proprietary Interest R v Hancock
1.3.3 S 5 (3) Trust Property R v Wain
1.3.4 S 5 (4) Particular Purpose Davidge v Bennett
1.3.5 S 5 (5) Mistake R v Gilks
2 Mens Rea
2.1 Dishonesty
2.1.1 Not guilty if defendant believes they... Right in law R v Holden Consent Reasonable Steps R v Small
2.1.2 Ghosh Test Would the reasonable man find it dishonest? Does the defendant realise their act was dishonest by those standards
2.2 Intention to permanently deprive
2.2.1 R v Velumyl Treating the property as your own to dispose of regardless of the real owners rights
2.2.2 R v Bagshaw Borrowing is not theft unless the goodness is taken out

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