Ethnic Identities

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Ethnic Identities
1 Modood
1.1 Ethnic groups share common cultures, sense of identity and a place of decent.
2 Cultural Hybrid- The mixing of more than one culture
3 Family
3.1 Arranged Marriages and traditional gender roles
3.2 Anwar- The result of feeling excluded, Asians in Britain see their families as a refuge. He found that Asian families including Hindu, Muslim and Sikh emphasise family loyalty,Izzat, duty, respect and religious commitment. this might mean that for females there is less freedom as liberated girls might be seen as non-traditional and threatening.
3.3 Francis and Archer- In Chinese families education was highly valued, with families stressing the importance of educational success and often making sacrifices so that their children can attend private schools.
3.4 Dench- Studied Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets in London's East End. Community and family relationships were organised around the extended family which remains strong.
3.5 Drury- 1/5 of the girls in her sample were secretly dating boys. Others were going to pubs and drinking alcohol behind their parent's backs. Such practices can cause great anguish in Asian family homes: 'I would love to have a boyfriend and I would love to have a love marriage but the consequences are too great. Gossip spreads and you can lose everything'. A sikh girl quoted by Drury 1991.
4 Religion
4.1 Jacobsen- Young Pakistanis see Islam as a crucial part of there identity as it affect their diet, dress and behavior.
4.2 Food and drink- Muslims wont drink alcohol or eat pork.
4.3 Catholics- abortion is illegal in Ireland.
4.4 O’Beirne- religion offers some function to people from ethnic minorities as it helps bond communities and provide shared values in what might seem a strange environment. His survey shows that Muslims placed religion in second place when asked what was considered important to their identity, that black Christians placed it third and white Christians placed it tenth.
5 Workplace
5.1 High percentage of Chinese and Indian doctors in the NHS.
5.2 High Percentage of Chinese and Indian working in the food industry.
5.3 Less Asian women in work.
6 Education
6.1 Coard- Ethnocentric curriculum
6.2 Mason- Many ethnic minorities feel excluded in British society
6.3 Shain and Sewell- Pro and anti-school subcultures
6.4 Wright- Teachers were racist in schools
7 Media
7.1 Gilroy- Afro-Caribbean's youths use music as a source of their identity and maintaining pride in the face of white capitalism.
7.2 Jhally- Ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the media.
7.3 Media sorces not specifically aimed at minority groups eg. radio channels, magazines, newspapers etc
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