The Alps

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The Alps
1 General
1.1 Central Europe
1.1.1 Across 7 countries
1.2 Pop. 12 million
1.3 Mont Blanc 4810m
2 Uses
2.1 Farming
2.1.1 Steep Mountains Farming animals Goats
2.1.2 Sunnier Slopes Vineyards Lavaux, Switzerland
2.2 Hydro-Electric
2.2.1 Berne area, Switzerland Switzerland gets 60% of energy from this
2.3 Mining
2.3.1 Has declined... but Copper Salt Gold
2.4 Trees
2.4.1 Scots Pine planted Goats won't kill it Logged and sold
2.5 Tourism
2.5.1 100 mil/year 70% winter sports Skiing Ice Climbing Summer Paragliding Climbing Cycling New Villages to cater Tignes, France
3 Adaptations
3.1 Transport
3.1.1 Brenner Pass Austria and Italy
3.1.2 Lotschberg tunnel Switzerland
3.2 Trees and man made defences
3.2.1 Avalanches
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