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1 Types of Respiration
1.1 Anaerobic resperation
1.1.1 Without oxygen
1.1.2 2 energy
1.2 Aerobic resperation
1.2.1 With oxygen
1.2.2 38 energy
2 Body extracts nutrition out of food.
2.1 Then it is turned into energy!
3 Glucose + Oxygen = carbon dioxide + water
3.1 Glucose and Oxygen are the reactants
3.2 Energy is almost produced but is not a form
3.3 Carbon dioxide and water are the products
4 Diffusion
4.1 The alveoli has a big surface area so it can diffuse quickly
4.2 Between carbon dioxide and oxygen
4.2.1 Carbon dioxide goes out, oxygen diffused in
5 Air
5.1 The exhaled air contains more carbon dioxide and less oxygen than inhaled air.
5.2 Exhaled
5.2.1 16% Oxygen, 4% Carbon dioxide
5.3 Inhaled
5.3.1 21% Oxygen, 0.3% Carbon dioxide
5.4 78% Nitrogen

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