Biology: Cell Structure

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Lewis White
Created by Lewis White over 6 years ago
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Biology: Cell Structure
1 Identifying cells
1.1 An animal cell is made up of three basic things
1.1.1 Nucleus This acts as the brain of the cell
1.1.2 Cytoplasm This is where chemical reactions take place
1.1.3 Cell Membrane This controls what enters and leaves the cell
1.2 A plant cell is made up of six basic things
1.2.1 Nucleus
1.2.2 Cytoplasm
1.2.3 Cell Membrane
1.2.4 Cell wall This keeps the cell rigid
1.2.5 Chloroplasts This is where the plant keeps its food
1.2.6 Central Vacule This is where the sap is kept
1.3 Cell Ultrastructure
1.3.1 Mitochondrion This creates energy for ther cell
1.3.2 Ribosome This is where ATP is made
2 Different Cell Types
2.1 Eukaryote Cells
2.1.1 These cells have a true nucleus
2.1.2 These cells make up organelles
2.2 Prokaryote Cells
2.2.1 Have nuclear material but not a true nucleus
2.2.2 They do not make up organelles but often stay ithin them to survive
2.2.3 They have additional DNA called a plasmid

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